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About Get Out

Country: United States

Year: 2017

Category: Horror

Release Date: March 17, 2017

Director: Jordan Peele

Starring: Allison Williams, Lakeith Stanfield, Daniel Kaluuya

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 90 minutes

Budget: $21,000,000

Box Office: $30,000,000

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Get Out

“Get Out”, The film in which comedian Jordan Peele makes his directorial debut, captured the biggest box office receipts of $ 30.5 million in the United States and Canada this weekend, according to projections from the studios on Sunday.

The performance of this new film of very low budget was due to the favorable critics and the enthusiasm that aroused among the public to go to see it.

"Get Out," produced by Blumhouse and distributed by Universal Pictures, cost $ 4.5 million.
Although there were good expectations based on his budget, very few anticipated that it would be a great premiere, especially since the main role corresponds to the relatively unknown actor Daniel Kaluuya.

Part of the success was due to positive reviews. "Get Out" has a 100% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

#3 A great release date: March 17, 2017

That rating is extremely rare for a suspense tape, said Universal's Internal Distribution chairman Nick Carpou. Since it debuted at the last Sundance Festival there are only good words from GET OUT, the title directed by Jordan Peele who at the time of writing these lines has 100% positive reviews in Rotten Tomatoes. Today we can confirm that Universal Pictures will premiere the film in our country on May 19, so that in May we will have a great double program since a week before we can see in Alien Covenant theaters.

Get Out Development

For Chris (Daniel Kaluuya, Sicario) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams, "Girls" series), it's time to meet the future in-laws, and she invites him to spend a weekend in the country with Missy Keener, Captain Phillips) and Dean (Bradley Whitford, The Cabin in the Woods).

Get Out Full Movie Storyline

At first, Chris thinks that the "too" complacent behavior of the parents is due to his nervousness by the interracial relation of his daughter, But as the hours pass, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead to an unimaginable truth.
Great reviews and buzz propelled comedian Jordan Peele's directorial debut, the micro-budget thriller "Get Out," to a chart-topping opening weekend with $ 30.5 million according to studio estimates Sunday.
The Blumhouse-produced and Universal Pictures-distributed film cost an estimated $ 4.5 million to make. While it was expected to perform well against its budget, few people foresaw to debut this big - especially with a relatively unknown star in Daniel Kaluuya leading the film.

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